Gandhi betrayed the war of Independence


At the behest of British Nist Gokhale, Tilak brought Gandhi to protest against the politics of “freedom is our birth right” from British South Africa. In Champaran, to persuade Gandhi in public, the image of him forcibly bowing to the British government was created with the intervention of the Viceroy. In Ahmedabad, in the labor movement, the collector says that “if you agree with Gandhi, all your demands will be persuaded by the government.” In this way, Gandhi was made the leader of the workers. Thus, Gandhi gets freedom from prison at the behest of Gandhi, Mohammad Ali, Shaukat Ali, who is imprisoned for creating a movement in the future.

In the Committee on Security, Tilak is removed and gives place to Gandhi who came to India two days ago. The untimely death of Tilak puts Gandhi in control of the Congress. In the Congress conference “Fight such a fight that Swaraj will be fought in a year”. Having said this, he won the hearts of all Congressmen. Gandhi fought the battle of Turkey by throwing the subject of bringing Swaraj, which did not have a far-off relation to India, that is, the Khilafat movement. This means that in his first movement, Gandhi did not fight to free the country from the British. People began to doubt and Gandhi came against him in February 1922 against the unsuccessful motion of confidence in the Congress. In order to improve Gandhi’s image, the British sent an editorial to release Mohammed Ali Soukat Ali from prison in March 1922, like Tilak for 6 years, not in Burma’s Mandla Jail, but in Poona’s Shahenshai Jail. Then left in two years before 6 years. At the Calcutta session of the Congress in 1929, Subhash Babu proposed full swaraj. Subhash Babu’s proposal could not be passed, but he got a lot of votes. Chatur Gandhi understood that now Subhash will propose Purna Swaraj in the Lahore session. He will pass this time. Gandhi himself proposed full swaraj and passed it unanimously. But here too, Gandhi dishonored the proposal of Purna Swaraj. Not fighting the battle of Purna Swaraj, he started the Salt Movement, which had no connection with the battle of Purna Swaraj. The country was ready for the battle of complete swaraj. If the people supported this way for an apolitical salt movement, if the battle of Purna Swaraj was fought, it would have been inadequate for the British to control it. Congressmen were bored with Mahatma Gandhi’s long leadership of the Congress. Subhash Babu got the votes of 1560 delegates among the 3000 Congress delegates and by a margin of 205 votes he defeated Gandhi’s candidate Pattabhi Sitaramayiya by a long margin of 205 votes on getting 1365 votes. Gandhi conspired not to allow Subhash Babu to form the executive committee of the Congress. If the old executive meeting was called, it could not be completed in the absence of quorum. Like this Subhash Babu was forced to leave the post of Congress President. As soon as Subhash Babu left the post of Congress President, Gandhi himself submitted a proposal to the Congress Working Committee, which was approved by the Congress Carini on 6 August, preventing Subhash Babu from electing any important post under the Congress for 3 years. Given. After this, he was also expelled from the Congress. Gandhi is an elected president of Congress That this misadventure and 58 percent of the 3000 delegates of the Congress had freed the Congress from Gandhi’s leadership and his hold on the Congress machine, Gandhi did not allow it to happen. Gandhi made a spinning wheel in his life and got a lot of traffic from the people. It is widely publicized in present-day India. Gandhi’s Charkha movement was a 100 percent unsuccessful movement. There are 7 lakh villages in India. From 1920 to 1936, charkha reached only 5000 villages, ie less than 1 percent. Charkha reached 15000 villages in 1920 i.e. 2.1 percent. Wholly The failed Charkha movement of Gandhi. Gandhi lit Holi of foreign clothes. Veer Savarkar first lit Holi of foreign cloth in Poona, India in the presence of Lokmanya Tilak at the time of Bangabhang movement. Gandhi only copied Savarkar. Gandhi took the form of Shwetambar Jain monk and started talking about non-violence. There is a difference in the sky between Gandhi and Mahavir’s non-violence. Mahavir’s non-violence was not only applicable to humans, but also to the violence of insects. Gandhi’s non-violence was limited to saving the English at the hands of the revolutionaries. If Abdul Rashid murders Swami Shradhanand, then this episode is not an episode of violence. Murder is not a case. Abdul Rashid is my brother. Singapore fell in January 1962. On 6 March, Japan captured Rangoon. Ras Bihari Bose, another revolutionary ally of Savarkar, held a meeting of the Council of the “Indian Independent Association” established in Japan on 15 June 1962 in Bangkok. In which it was decided that it was decided to achieve India’s independence with the help of Japan. What Gandhi used to say till yesterday, there will be no movement against the British government during the World War. They will not be thrown into trouble. That Gandhi suddenly launches a movement against the British on August 4, “British leave India but keep your army here”. The British had already been convinced that they should keep their army. That means stay here. Gandhi’s movement was for 54 percent of the Congress workers who were supporters of Subhash. On the pretext of this movement, he went under house arrest with his wife in Agakhan palace. His companions went to a first-class prison, but Subhash’s supporters were locked in a difficult prison, so that when Subhash entered India, his supporters could not help him.

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